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Having an experienced, qualified business lawyer you can turn to is crucial for your company. Not only will a lawyer represent you if ever you’re faced with a legal dispute, but having one on your team can prevent legal disputes in the first place.

With two decades of legal experience,

Kershner Legal Services will stand by your business and provide you with reliable, honest service to protect you and your business.
Kershner Legal Services works with small- and medium-sized businesses in the Denver area, providing legal advice and expertise in the areas of contract law, business set-up, incorporations, and mergers & acquisitions.
Many Denver small business owners overlook the benefits of having a business lawyer on their team until it’s absolutely necessary to consult with one. It’s a move that can cost you more money in the long run and leave you vulnerable to litigation.

Your Denver Business Lawyer

A handshake is nice, but it won’t do much for your business.

As a Denver-based business lawyer specializing in contract law, Kershner Legal Services can manage all of your business agreements, including employment contracts, partnership agreements, and non-compete agreements.

We’ll make sure your contracts are air-tight so you feel confident knowing you aren’t vulnerable to litigation. We also take care of your other contracts, including:

• property and equipment lease agreements
• offers of employment
• franchise agreements
• shareholders agreements
• joint-venture agreements
• independent contractor agreements
• non-disclosure agreements

What is it worth to you to know your business agreements are in order and your business is protected? Kershner Legal Services will give you that peace of mind.

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Setting You Up for Success

If you’ve ever started a new business, or even just thought about it, you know it can be a tricky process.

There are laws and regulations to know, contracts and documents to draw up, and intellectual property to protect. It’s enough to steal your enthusiasm for starting your own business away from you.

Kershner Legal Services can manage all of your business start-up legal affairs so you know you’re protected right from the start. We’ll even help you choose the right type of entity for your business and help you understand the legal and tax issues of each.

Thinking of buying another business or merge one with your existing company? Kershner Legal Services has years of experience executing successful acquisitions, too. We can handle everything from human resource and real estate issues to corporate tax and government relations.

Experienced Contract Lawyer

Kershner Legal Services has the knowledge and resources to represent you in the most complex cases. We provide comprehensive legal services to Denver companies in all stages of development, from entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and start-up companies, to small and medium-sized businesses.

You need an experienced contract lawyer on your team, and we’re qualified in corporate, small business, and family law with a wealth of knowledge and years of proven legal results.

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